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Box makeing

Recently I thought that I would experiment with some new methods for box making. This particular box is made from pine, not exactly something you would use to make quality furniture with but it is really only a practise piece.

The box is joined together with mitered splines, the top and bottom panels are rebated 15mm in from each end. I made the box as one piece before separating the top using the table saw. I also put a chamfer on the front bottom edge of the box and the top of the box lid as well as the top edge on the inside of the panel, this made it look a little more decorative and also hides any uneven gaps that may appear between the lid. I cut the grooves for the splines using a jig I made for the table saw that holds the box at a 45′ angle to the blade. I finished it off with a few coats of varnish.


I’m hoping to do some more intricate box making using some finer hardwoods in the future but overall this project went really well, next time I think I’m going to get hold of some jewelry box style hinges, I used piano hinge on this box which was not idea and is a bit of a pain to work with.



A new blog!

Welcome aboard to my new blog… My Name is Aaron Ibbotson, otherwise none as AJ, I have set up this shiny new WordPress site to host my ongoings in life. This is a short introduction as to what I will be doing here and what I will be getting up to.

Here I will document the projects and events that I get up to and involved in, this can include joinery, 3D Printing 2-way/amateur radio and my involvement with the Sheffild Hardware Hackers and Makers and thats just to name a few…

Over the next few weeks I will be optimising this site and adding more content, the next job on the stack will be to add an “About” page containing my biography and skills sets. Stick around theres more to come!

– AJ