GoBox – Modular Storage System

A while back when the Sheffield Hardware Hackers and Makers where still meeting up at Access Space Andy, the person running the group drew up some plans to make a storage system that would utilise a minimal amount of space in a small work area, they are called GoBoxes. Now that we have our own space and we can call ourself a Hackspace and with a with space starting to become a premium with an infill of new members, more people means more storage. The drawing had not yet been made in real life so this was a perfect opportunity to start and implement the design. The GoBoxes are designed to be manufactured using a full sheet CNC router but as we don’t have one *yet* and I do a lot of joinery I would be making them by hand. I made a fair few changes to Andy’s original version, mainly increasing tolerances as it’s not to hard to gain or loose a mm when working with wood.

FullSizeRender (2)

When stacked together the individual boxes create a modular storage system. Each side of every box has a set of two feet and a top with two rectangular slots routed out on the centre, this allows them to be stacked up off set from one another just like Lego bricks. They are designed to hold a 35 litre Really Useful Box, the type that you can hang suspension files in.


There are 3 different widths of GoBox, the single, a half to fill in the gaps on either end and a double witch allows you to bridge a gap between two singles. Using these three stackable modules lets you make a storage system that works around you. Currently we have a row of two singles with a half on either side and 4 PC’s on top. This gives us a flexible working area. In the long term we can add another two rows of singles and leave out gaps for the workstations to sit in then bridge the gap with a double making them standing desks. If you where to remove a box from the middle of two rows of GoBoxes you’ve got yourself a seat with arm rests or even make a massive dividing wall with them. In a way it is just like playing with giant Lego bricks you can stack them however you want.


The idea behind the GoBox system is they are sold as Rough and Ready flat pack furniture where the end user dose the assembly and has the option of sanding and finishing the unit. I’m currently working on another set of GoBoxes to add to the collection that are half depth, these units will make great book shelf’s and ornamental displays, there is all so the challenge of making the 90° corner to join two walls together witch is going to be an interesting one…


For more build images visit my Flicker page! Links to the files for the parts can be found on Andys Git Hub page here.

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